We offer a number of programs to suit your company’s budget and availability. Choose from our Platinum, Gold, or Silver Packages.

  • Platinum Health and Wellness ProgramPlatinum

This Platinum program is brilliant because we conduct Health Risk Assessments and then collect that data to determine which services are most vital to your employee population.

Once we ascertain that information, we will track progress and reward outcomes so we can move high-risk individuals to low-risk status, while motivating low-risk individuals to stay healthy and maintain low-risk status.

This program links wellness to benefits and incentives, and develops “short- term” interventions to change and modify long-term lifestyle behaviors.

  • Gold Health and Wellness Programgold

The Gold program offers you and your employees the power to choose which services they need and that they would be excited to participate in.

This program gives your business the flexibility to use as many or few of our services as you need.

We will help your employees get positive healthcare benefits using our program within the convenience of your workplace.

  • Silver Health and Wellness Program

The Silver program is an ‘off-site’ service for those business owners who want the benefits of reducing their health insurance premium costs, but don’t have the space for on-site facilitation.

This program will help your employees get positive healthcare benefits using our program outside of your work space.

With the Silver program, the employees will be involved in going to a health club, managing their workouts and charting their progress.

In addition, we will send them newsletters, provide telephonic counseling if they are high-risk, and they will attend Health Awareness 101 Seminars to reduce and manage behavioral risks.

Note: If you would like to add an on-site service like our revitalizing massages, you can combine the Silver and Gold program together in order to obtain benefits of both.

If you’d like us to create a pain-free, productive and vibrant workforce, even if you are not sure exactly what your company needs, contact us and we will gladly come to your office for a FREE, no obligation consultation.

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