By using this simple technique saw remarkable changes in a High School, why not in the workplace?

by Silvio Bianculli on September 15, 2017

medi womanA News worthy story reported by NBC reporter, Cynthia Mc Fadden.  Burton High, a middle school in the Francisco Area was struggling academically to stay afloat, as violence was spiraling out of control  causing most students to lose  focus on their studies and daily attendance.

The district desperately looking for an answer came up with an old pioneering program called quiet time. Twice a day in 15 minute intervals the students would close their eyes and let go of  all the stress in their lives.

By using this simple and effective  technique in meditation of letting go and quieting the mind, four years later, they saw remarkable results, 79 percent decrease in suspension, attendance increased 98.3 percent and a rise in GPA by .4 percent.

How was this all possible, it was found that when students feel safe, all that stress is released, the mind becomes clear and receptive and freed to learn.

If this simple technique can cause change to happen in a High School, imagine what it can do in the workplace?













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