How healthy is your workplace series!

by Silvio Bianculli on April 18, 2010

The How healthy is your workplace series discusses topics and issues important to health of your business’ human and financial health and will ask questions important to your business’ bottom line like.

  • Are your employees overweight or obese?
  • How well do your employees handle work-related stress?
  • Are your employees constantly out on disability?
  • Are your employees constantly lighting up outside?

Well, let’s end the struggle…..

A Healthy lifestyle helps to promote healthier employee lifestyles, right in the convenience of your own workplace!

Investing in healthy lifestyle behaviors repays itself many times over. Just in the last few years health care costs have increased by double digits, and will continue to rise every year. America spends 95% of the health care dollar, 1 trillion dollars a year, on diagnosing and treatment of disease. Not much is spent on prevention.

Wouldn’t it be a more cost-effective decision to invest your dollar in a disease prevention and management program? So your employees can be educated on how to eat right, exercise regularly, manage stress more effectively and stay motivated. We’re quite sure that you wouldn’t mind if you got a nice healthy return on your investment.

Research shows a benefit-to-cost ratio of 3.4-1. That is, for each $1 invested in a health promotion program, the company received a healthy $3.40 in return.

Benefits include:

  • decreased disability payments
  • decrease employee turnover
  • decreased absenteeism
  • increased productivity
  • fewer health care expenditures

If you’d like us to create a stress-free, productive and vibrant workforce, even if you are not sure exactly what your company needs, contact us at: 917 445 9969 or email us at: and we will gladly come to your office for a FREE, no obligation consultation.

Learn more about our solution…

“Creating Stress-Free, Productive and Healthy Workforces


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