Does Mindfulness Play a Role in Exercise and Weight Loss?

by Silvio Bianculli on February 21, 2015

diet, sport, fitness and heath concept - close up of female handIn a recent article published on February 18,  2015 in the New York Times, by Gretchen Reynolds. The article describes the relationship between mindfulness, weight loss and compliance with exercise.

 In recent years, scientists have found associations between mindfulness and physical health, especially  in  weight control and weight loss with people who are mindful during meals and a recent study published  last month in The Journal of Health Psychology, researchers at Utrecht University in the Netherlands recently decided to study the psychology of the human beings, as  to what makes exercise  feel pleasurable to some and  not-pleasurable to others during bouts of exercise.

The studies suggested that people who are deliberately present and who fully engage themselves in the feeling of moving and being perceptive and present with their surroundings during exercise often want to exercise again.

An ounce of prevention in each moment is worth a pound of cure down the road!

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