Are your employees constantly out on disability?

by Silvio Bianculli on August 25, 2010

Are your employees constantly out on disability due to repetitive stress injuries, poor body conditioning/ posture/ positioning?

The U.S. Bureau of Statistics reported that 47% of all carpal tunnel operations are work-related due to the increase in computer use.

Repetitive strain injuries (RSI) in the workplace cost an average of $110 billion annually and contribute to the highest number of missed workdays.

For every $3 spent on workers compensation, $1 out of the $3 is spent on RSI. Other U.S. studies reported that the cost of back pain ranges between $50 to $100 billion a year. It is also responsible for 40% of all absenteeism in the workplace.

DuPont showed significant results from their program, reducing disability at a rate of 0.4 per employee over a two-year period for a total of savings of almost 12,000 days – a saving of $1.42 for every dollar invested.

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